This Is How Logistics Will Look in 10 Years
This Is How Logistics Will Look in 10 Years

Logistics might not seem like a desirable sector of the economy, but regardless of that, it is a sector which a lot of other areas of the economy depends on to get going. The logistics industry was birthed from the moment it became essential to move stuff from one place to another.  Just like other sectors of the economy, logistics is being affected by technology and will not remain entirely the same in the future.

Let's take a look at how logistics could change in the next ten years.

Logistics will remain the same at its very core

Logistics involves the movement of cargo from one point to another. This will remain the same irrespective of changes and improvements in technology. They will only get more effective, efficient and more rapid. In as much as logistics might incorporate the use of lots of new apps, drones, and even robots.

New technologies will not exactly change logistics at its core. In the next ten years, logistics will still be all about packing stuff and moving it from one place to another. Although this is mostly done by humans at the moment, in ten years, it most likely will be done by robots.

Established Firms Might suffer

Running a logistics firm is expensive and something that can only be done by firms with access to capital. With the emergence of the Internet of things and other recent technologies such as virtual reality, the average cost of getting new technology has reduced significantly.

Small firms can, therefore, take advantage of the reduced cost of technology to provide adequate services at a much-reduced cost. The implication of this is; there will be an increase in competition with the less established firms even doing better if they take advantage of the presence of technology way before the more established logistics firms.

Integrators will become more prominent

Although integrators are already quite important in logistics, in the next ten years, they will be much more critical in this sector. Their importance will stem from the fact that they will make use of some very recent technology in bringing different partners together. As a result of the use of automated processes and technology, integrators will become much more valuable in logistics in ten years.

Sensors will become a Major Part of the Logistics Department

In ten years, there will be a drastic increase in the use of sensors in passing around information in the logistics department. This will surely bring about an increase in positioning, as well as better coordination of the movement of products within a warehouse.

With the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality by automation and detailed client data, firms which offer logistics services will be able to better manage their transportation and get real time information about their products. Technologies will help managers know important information like  what has to be moved, in what way it will be moved, and where it is being moved to.

The Presence of Driverless Trucks

In the nearest future, logistics will be affected by lots of emerging autonomous technologies. The presence of driverless trucks, as well as crewless aerial vehicles, will have some of the most significant impact on logistics in the next ten years. Driverless trucks and crewless aerial vehicles will be of enormous consequence to logistics in the future because they will impact how carriers operate and the supply of trucks in the market.

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